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Translation Services

Our translators have the technical expertise to provide complete and accurate translation of your documents whether they are technical data sheets, instructions for use or marketing material.


Instructions for Use (IFUs), package inserts, labels, Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) and study protocols. We also translate documents associated with clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, CROs and Institutional Review Boards. 


Contracts, Patents, Terms and Conditions, legal correspondence. Whatever your legal translation requirements are, Language Consultants is prepared to meet your needs.

​Language Consultants considers many factors when assessing translation assignments for our clients. Our objective is to provide translations that are complete and accurate in content, style, and idiom, and consistent with industry-specific terminology. Our clients and our client companies are assured of receiving quality translations delivered on a timely basis in the finished form specified: Microsoft® Office applications, InDesign®, QuarkXPress, etc.

Various factors determine the cost of a given translation assignment. Among these are:

  • Word volume of the material

  • The languages involved

  • The subject matter and related translator expertise required

  • Turn around time required

  • Related production, editorial, or clerical requirements

What differentiates our translation services from those of many similar organizations is that we work only with selected professional translators, many of whom work regularly for the U.S. Government and are certified by the American Translators Association in the languages they translate and the subject matter they are qualified to handle. We assign translations requiring specific areas of technical expertise to those translators we know to be capable of handling them well. And we won’t promise delivery in two days unless we can do it in two days, and do it properly.

Our rates are competitive, and reflect the above factors. Standard translation rates may be discounted for high volume or on-going assignments.  Prior to providing an estimate of cost and turn around time, we discuss with the client related issues which should be considered as a part of the translation process:

  • The target audience for the translated document: i.e., customers, marketing representatives, technical personnel, etc.

  • Terminology differences determined by the country or industry in which the translation will be used. For example, computer terminology for Spain and South America is not the same.

  • Existing documentation that should be matched for consistency of terminology.

  • Involvement of overseas affiliates or business offices in contributing to, or approving, the translation.

  • The form in which the translated text needs to be returned.

Based on all of the above, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs and the complexity of the assignment as well as a target delivery date.

We are accustomed to signing non-disclosure agreements. Certification of accuracy statements may be provided for documents requiring them, at no additional charge.

Throughout the translation process we will assist in coordinating client/translator communication. As the client prefers, our translator can speak with him or her directly, or relay questions through our offices. This ensures that questions about industry-specific terminology, production issues, etc., are answered as accurately and completely as possible.

Each translated document is subject to an editing process by a second objective and independent, professional translator. It also undergoes a final review in our offices before delivery to the client.

This attention to quality assurance is one reason why our clients entrust their translation requirements to us.