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Interpreting Services   
The services of professional interpreters may be required for customer training sessions, management-level meetings, international marketing conferences, employee benefits orientations or in such legal settings as depositions, arbitration cases and court sessions.

The interpreters we work with are seasoned professionals who are highly experienced in providing interpreting in a wide variety of technical, legal and medical areas.   Many of them interpret regularly in and are certified by state trial courts, or are certified at a federal court level. Every effort is made to match the expertise or experience of a given interpreter to the client’s requirements.  

Factors which affect the cost for interpreting services include:

  • Length and nature of the interpreting assignment

  • Language(s) involved

  • Mileage, tolls and parking fees

  • Travel time, if applicable

  • Preliminary consultation with the interpreter, if applicable

If time permits, we request as much supporting material as is available about a client’s products, company, or requirements, so that the interpreter will be as well prepared as possible.

Rates for interpreting services vary, but are generally based on a minimum charge of 3 hours per day. For shorter assignments, those requiring from 3 hours (minimum charge) to 
2 – 3 days, rates are from $125.00 - $150.00/hour for most languages and situations. We are happy to discuss negotiated rates for longer term assignments.

Conference or simultaneous interpreting generally requires at least two interpreters per language per day, and the use of equipment specific to those services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.